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InterSpec, Inc. Announces Enhanced Integration for all Autodesk Revit Based Products
News Release
June 21, 2007
InterSpec further enhances the e-SPECS specification solutions using the Revit application programming interface (API) Complete News Release

InterSpec Releases e-SPECS Version 3.2
News Release
November 27, 2006
InterSpec announced today the release of the new version 3.2 of e-SPECS® with major new functionality Complete News Release

Lachmi Khemlani of AECbytes describes e-SPECS as a highlight of the AIA 2006 National Convention and Expo
News Release
June 29, 2006
Specifications can be readily automated with BIM, and the lead on this has been taken by InterSpec with its e-SPECS product, which now automates the preparation of project specifications from all the three Revit BIM applications. Complete News Release

InterSpec Announces e-SPECS Support for Autodesk Revit Systems and Autodesk Revit Structure
News Release
June 5, 2006
e-SPECS now supports all of Autodesk's Revit®-based solutions for building information modeling (BIM). Complete News Release

Martinez+Cutri 2006 AIA TAP BIM Awards Competition using e-SPECS
News Release June 2, 2006
Summary: Martinez+Cutri describes the benefits of their BIM implementation on the Pier project using e-SPECS and InterSpec Spec Writing Services. Complete News Release

InterSpec Releases New Version of e-SPECS
News Release
May 15, 2006
The new 3.1 version of e-SPECS® offers major new functionality including more detailed MasterSpec® library integration, a new CAD/BIM integration Binding Manager and new e-SPECS Editor features and enhancements. Complete News Release

InterSpec, Inc. Announces e-SPECS Support for Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007
News Release
April 12, 2006
Combined solution automates the specification process, reducing time and cost for architects and engineers. Complete News Release

John Moreshead Awarded Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP)
News Release
April 3, 2006
John Moreshead, e-SPECS Project Manager, has been awarded the designation of Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) by the IEEE Computer Society. Complete News Release

Martinez + Cutri Corporation Reduces Specification Development Costs by 40% using e-SPECS Solutions
News Release February 24, 2006
Summary: Firm has sharply reduced design costs while improving design delivery using the e-SPECS patented construction specification solutions. Complete News Release

HOK Licenses e-SPECS to Integrate and Automate Specifications on Upcoming Projects
News Release February 9, 2006
Summary: HOK, the world's largest architectural firm, announced today that they will license the patented e-SPECS® construction specification solutions for use on pilot projects. Complete News Release

InterSpec, Inc. Awarded Patent for e-SPECS Technology
News Release
January 11, 2006
InterSpec has been granted a patent on the company's method of integrating construction specifications with construction drawings and building model and automatically generating a construction specification that is immediately viewable and editable in real-time. Complete News Release

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