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“We have been using e-SPECS for the past twelve months, and while we are still evolving best practices, it has been nothing short of revolutionary. Spec writing time has been cut by 40 to 50 percent, and the integration of the specs with the building model and construction drawings has been spectacular. Using keynotes exported from e-SPECS into the Revit model, the design team works with terminology that precisely reflects the language of the specifications, eliminating any inconsistencies or ambiguities.”

~ R. J. O'Brien,
Chiang O'Brien Architects

“The e-SPECS technology and BIM Solutions Team helped us meet a very demanding schedule with timely delivery of quality submissions.”

~ James W. Mobley, AIA, COO/Principal, Devenney Group Ltd., Architects

“InterSpec was able to effectively demonstrate the integration and coordination of construction documents using our Buffalo State College Revit BIM model.”

~ Leigh Waterman
Cannon Design

“We selected e-SPECS because it is an integrated application that fits well with our goals. The integration with Revit will allow our Architects to jump start the specification process.”

~ Mark W. Kiker
HMC Architects

“We’ve used e-SPECS for Revit on six projects now and have reduced our spec writing time over 75%. We’ve also reduced our RFIs and Addendums to only one over these six projects. The cost of the license was paid back on our first project.”

~ M. Heaton
Jefferson County, WV

“I have really been enjoying editing in e-SPECS. I have a deadline and I wouldn't make it without that tool.”

~ M. Sabel

“We’re very happy with the quality and comprehensiveness of the e-SPECS applications. We’re now committed to using it.”

~ S. Bloss
Dal Pos Architects

“We’ve had two architects use e-SPECS and they found it more user-friendly than our previous application and were able to produce their specs in less time and with less hassle. This has been a very good experience for us.”

~ J. Wilkins

“We’ve been able to prove on a pilot project the e-SPECS and Revit integration helps achieve the highest level of product quality and consistency possible.”

~ R. Watkins
DLR Group

“I would absolutely recommend e-SPECS. The ability to query the Revit model as you’re making design decisions is worth the price of admission.”

~ P. Callahan
Gilfillan Callahan Nelson

e-SPECS for Revit

Integrated Specifications with Revit

e-SPECS for Revit extends the Autodesk® Revit-based products document coordination and quality solutions to the construction specifications. Integrate your design firm preferences to automate the process of creating your construction specs and access those specs directly within Revit based applications.

Integrated Specifications
e-SPECS for Revit interfaces with Revit's parametric database, instantly updating your project specifications to the requirements of the building model. Insert a wall, door, window, or any other building object into your Revit model and instantly update your project manual with the appropriate specifications. Any changes you make to the designs will automatically be incorporated into the specification manual. And with the click of the mouse, you can access all the other functionality that e-SPECS provides to update your sections on-the-fly, post project notes, review section markups and more. e-SPECS Validation Reporting console ensures the correct parameters are used resulting in an accurate coordinated spec manual.

e-SPECS for Revit saves time and moneye-SPECS for Revit integrated specificationse-SPECS for Revit ensures drawings and specifications remain in nync
e-SPECS for Revit eliminates the drudgery of specwriting, saving time and
money while keeping your specifications in sync with your Revit model.

e-SPECS for Revit ensures that your drawings and specifications remain in sync. If you added a brick wall to your project and later changed it to concrete, e-SPECS for Revit would remove the unit masonry section and add a concrete section to the project manual. At any time, you can review the "history" of your specification sections to see why it was included in the project. You can also review the Drawing Reconciliation reports to get a complete overview of all the drawing elements that resulted in project specification sections. Select a Revit family and view those specs linked to it and even markup the specs collaborating with your specifier and other team members.

e-SPECS for Revit generates project specific keynotes coordinated with your specifications to ensure accuracy in detailing. Rather than have your detailers select from hundreds to thousands of master keynotes, e-SPECS generates the list of only those used in your BIM project. In addition, e-SPECS for Revit generates automatic Outline Reports and a specification Table of Contents. These facilitate a design process ensuring the highest quality product is produced without the error prone and mundane manual efforts previously required without e-SPECS.

e-SPECS makes it easy to incorporate comments and redlines into the project manual

Project Collaboration
e-SPECS for Revit brings your entire project team together, enabling collaboration on your specification documents from any place in the world. Team members can access the project directly in Revit based Applications, using the e-SPECS Desktop markup tools, or through an Autodesk Buzzsaw® online account. Inside Revit, simply select a family and view the specs linked to that family and even markup and redline the specs collaborating with your specifier. With e-SPECS for Revit, you can publish you entire project to Buzzsaw with the click of a mouse. e-SPECS version control keeps track of all user edits and makes it simple to incorporate comments and changes from multiple sources. You'll save time and money and ensure that all team comments and considerations are included in the final manual.

e-SPECS for Revit enables direct access to the linked specs from within Revit and makes it easy to incorporate team members' comments and redlines into the project manual.

e-SPECS Revit

Product Research
Developing the specifications for the products and materials that are incorporated into your building designs is only part of the complete specifications package. You also have to identify available products that meet those specifications. With its built-in browser, e-SPECS for Revit automates the selection of available products that meet your specifications by linking to supplier information on the Internet directly from your specification document. With the click of the mouse, you go directly to a list of manufacturers supplying products applicable to the section you are editing. You'll save hours researching products to include in your specifications and when you find the appropriate suppliers, information from their web sites can be cut and pasted into your specifications with a few simple mouse clicks.

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""e-SPECS Paper: Integrating BIM and Specifications (Acrobat format; 3,283K)

"" e-SPECS Success Story: Devenney Group Ltd., Architects (Acrobat format; 319K)

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