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e-SPECS enables us to deliver more design products to our customers without requiring additional time and money to be spent coordinating the models and specs. After polling our customers, e-SPECS was the platform being used with BIM models. We expect to grow our market share and revenues based on the e-SPECS BPM Program membership.”

~ M. Vickery
Bradley Corporation

We're leveraging the investment in our BIM and specification content by linking the two together with

~ Steve Martinez
USG Corporation

“The e-SPECS software platform is an outstanding opportunity for us to increase the visibility of our products and brands. ”

~ Richard Martens
BASF Wall Systems

Distribution within e-SPECS will aid in providing a great platform for the specification of our products, with the overall goal of fostering a positive relationship with building professionals.”

~ Nilton Duque
Avanti Systems

We need to be aggressive in getting our products selected by designers. InterSpec offered not only writing our 3 Part CSI product specification, but distribution to e-SPECS users making it easier for designers to specify us into their project with accurate and coordinated specifications.

~ Dorian Lynch-Geis

“We selected e-SPECS because it is an integrated application that fits well with our goals. The integration with Revit will allow our Architects to jump start the specification process.”

~ Mark W. Kiker
HMC Architects

“I have really been enjoying editing in e-SPECS. I have a deadline and I wouldn't make it without that tool.”

~ M. Sabel

“We’re very happy with the quality and comprehensiveness of the e-SPECS applications. We’re now committed to using it.”

~ S. Bloss
Dal Pos Architects

e-SPECS Building Product Manufacturer's Program

Integrate your Proprietary BIM Families and Specifications

e-SPECS BPM Program Member LogoInterSpec's patented e-SPECS software solutions automate the preparation of construction specifications and selection of products and materials, used by thousands of architects, engineers and construction professionals to help them keep their construction models and specifications in sync while reducing the overall cost of development. With the inclusion of BPM's content, architects and engineers will be able to supplement their project manuals with specific proprietary information directly from their e-SPECS programs. As a manufacturer's Revit family is used in a Revit model, the corresponding detailed specification criteria will automatically be included in the e-SPECS project manual with coordinated detailed keynotes for Revit.

Building Product Manufacturers such as USG are taking a leadership role in the use of technology to facilitate selection and integration of their product information. USG's customers can now coordinate their BIM models and specification content into their projects further leveraging their investment in BIM and specification content. Read more

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Integrated BIM Specifications
e-SPECS for Revit interfaces with Revit's parametric database, instantly updating your project specifications to the requirements of the building model. Insert a wall, door, window, or any other building object into your Revit model and instantly update your project manual with the appropriate specifications. Any changes you make to the designs will automatically be incorporated into the specification manual. And with the click of the mouse, you can access all the other functionality that e-SPECS provides to update your sections on-the-fly, post project notes, review section markups and more.

e-SPECS for Revit saves time and moneye-SPECS for Revit integrated specificationse-SPECS for Revit ensures drawings and specifications remain in sync
e-SPECS for Revit automates the process of including your proprietary specification when your Revit family is used through the unique e-SPECS Binding technology.

Distribution of Your Revit Families and Specifications
Your customers won't need to search the web, hopefully find your content, download and hopefully include your specifications in the project manual. e-SPECS for Revit ensures that your investment in BIM content automatically includes your specifications. As a BPM's Revit Family is added to the BIM model, e-SPECS for Revit automatically includes the BPM proprietary specification into the project manual. At any time, the user of e-SPECS for Revit can review the "history" of the specification sections to review the Drawing Reconciliation reports to get a complete overview of all the BIM Families that resulted in project specification sections. e-SPECS BPM specifications are shipped quarterly ensure they get out to customers quickly and can be updated as needed.

View your Specs directly in Revit linked to your Families
e-SPECS for Revite-SPECS for Revit brings your entire project team together, enabling access and collaboration on your specification documents from any place in the world. Team members can access the project directly in Revit based Applications. Inside Revit, simply select any family and view the specs linked to that family and even markup and redline the specs collaborating with your specifier. Your customers save time and money and ensure that your families and specifications are linked together.

e-SPECS for Revit enables direct access to the
linked BPM specs from within Revit.

e-SPECS Customers have your Specifications at their Fingertips
Customers have your specifications at their fingertips with e-SPECSNot only are your specifications automatically included in the project manual when your Revit Family in the model, but your customers can insert your proprietary specification on ANY project using the intelligent e-SPECS Checklist. The e-SPECS Checklist automatically filters products and language not applicable to the checklist selections. Using the e-SPECS Editor, your customer can fine tune your specification as needed for the project. Your specifications are just a mouse click away from being included in project manuals.

e-SPECS Start-Up Screen Featured BPM Listings
e-SPECS Start-Up Screen Featured BPM ListingsEvery time e-SPECS is opened, a Featured Building Product Manufacturer will be highlighted with links to their preferred web page. Get your company and products in front of specifiers, architects, engineers and designers while they are selecting products and specifying construction projects. Those BPMs taking advantage can expect tens of thousands of impressions. Remember this is not dependent on an Internet Google search result finding you, but instead the application used by specifiers, designers, architects and engineers to write construction specification manuals. In addition, those Featured BPM Listings will be available directly in Autodesk Revit based applications. Featured Listings are available to all Building Product Manufacturers whether they are a current e-SPECS BPM Program Member or not.

e-SPECS Professional Specification Services
e-SPECS for RevitBPMs already with Revit Families and 3 Part CSI Specifications can simply send those to InterSpec and we'll create the integration "bindings" and ship the content ready to be used. If you have not yet developed your 3 Part Specifications, we can do that for you. We can even assist you with training your sales force and promotion of the BIM integration.

Register for the e-SPECS BPM Program Webcast or contact InterSpec at +1-888-50-SPECS or info@e-SPECS.com to request our recorded demonstration and to learn more.

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